A Take a look at the Leading Costume Themes as well as Trends for Halloween 2022

Halloween is almost right here (10/31), and if you’re intending a themed campaign to connect right into the occasion, it’s worth noting the top Halloween patterns of the year, to make certain that you’re up on any type of notable, as well as potentially brand-relevant, changes.

Right here’s a look at several of the present crucial trends of note, based upon early Halloween engagement activity.

First off, Pinterest has actually given some insight right into the top Halloween costume trends, which indicates some of the a lot more emergent themes and sources for 2022.

Complete stranger Things costume concepts (+22 x).
Elvis and Priscilla outfit (+19 x).
Patrick Bateman costume (+18 x).
Top Gun outfit (+6 x).
Anna Delvey costume (+5 x).
Harley Quinn halloween costume (4x).
Avril Lavigne halloween outfit (+3 x).
Dani Hocus Pocus costume (+3 x).
Maddie and Cassie Ecstasy costume (+3 x).
Lord of the Rings halloween outfits (2x).
Some rather significant pop culture shifts therein, which could assist to guide your approach– though why Avril Lavigne?

Similar fads appear in Google Search data, along with some extra variations and styles:.

Gomez Addams outfit.
Mary Sanderson costume.
Spiderman costume.
Joker costume.
Akatsuki cloak.
Cruella costume.
Black Widow outfit.
Velma outfit.
Harry Potter outfit.
Mandalorian costume.
There’s also substantial passion in pairs and also family members outfit suggestions, which could be a larger motif this time around around.

Twitter, on the other hand, has given some even more common Halloween trend notes, consisting of the leading hashtags:.

#Halloween 2022.
( Twitter likewise notes that #Giveaway and also #Win are additionally prominent, as they always are, which could be worth noting in your technique).

Together with one of the most preferred Halloween emoji.

Pumpkin emoji.
Ghost emoji.
Noisally sobbing face emoji.
Weeping giggling emoji.
Purple evil one emoji.
You most likely could have thought those, however if you require some extra ideas or notes, these are the hashtags and emoji you must be taking into consideration.

A lot more platforms will launch much more information and also trend insights over the next few weeks, together with any type of new tools and also options that they’re including in assist people involve with the event.

Yet if you’re seeking to obtain planning, or you just require a little direction, these are the top trends as they presently stand, which could assist you locate the best strategy for your campaigns.